This site has been compiled by detectorists and is designed to help them, and any other interested person, gain sufficient knowledge in identifying British coins. Please note that the site is also a work in progress and is being constantly updated as new sections are amended or added. If you feel you have something to contribute, then please contact us by following the link: HERE

We think that you will find the site very easy to use and understand.

Once you have narrowed a coin down to one of the types listed above, or if you already know it, then click the link for that type of coin and follow the instructions to make the identification. It’s as simple as that!

We also recommend that you take a look at the Spink’s book Coins of England and the United Kingdom, the only single-volume reference work which features every major coin type from Celtic to the present day including market values for every coin type listed. It is an essential guide for beginners, serious numismatists and anyone interested in British coins.


Google can be directed to search for specific terms as well as general words, and can be also directed to search a site of your choice alone. If you wished to search for a CANTERBURY DRAGON celtic coin and types that into google you would get about 800,000 hits return to you, if you put “quote marks” on either end of the words “CANTERBURY DRAGON” you get 380 results, as google searchs for those words in that order, and next to each other.

If you wish to just search Chris Rudd’s site and any pdf’s stored on his site for the term type the following into the google search window   

“canterbury dragon”

you get about 3 hits returned to you and they are correct, if you did not know it was a Canterbury Dragon, but thought to yourself, “it looks like a dragon” then you can type the following


you get about 7 returned hits and your coin may just be amongst them, and you know have knowledge about some celtic coins with dragons on, and also may have now got more information about your coin type as compiled by Chris Rudd, and maybe the Van Ardsell number