Henry II, 1154-1189

Cross-and-Crosslets (“Tealby”) Coinage, 1158-1180

Coins of Stephen's last type continued to be minted into the reign of Henry II up until 1158, when a new coinage replaced the often irregular and sub-standard pennies of Stephen's reign. These new coins bear Henry's name in the legend and show a facing bust of the king holding a sceptre in his right hand. The reverse shows a cross with crosses in each angle, and the mint and moneyer around this. Many of these coins are poorly struck on irregular plans. Cut coins of this issue can still be found.

There are six classes of these coins, and a copy of Coins of England and the United Kingdom shows the 30 mints that issued them, and which classes each mint produced.

The name Tealby was given to these coins because of the hoard of over 5000 of these coins was discovered at Tealby, Lincolnshire in 1807.

Class A

1158 - 1161

Class B

1161 - 1165

Class C

1161 - 1165

Spink 1337

No Hair

Spink 1338

Similar to last, but mantle varies

Spink 1339

Decorated collar, curl of hair

Class D

1165 - 1168

Class E

1168 - 1170

Class F

1170 - 1180

Spink 1340

Decoration continues along shoulder

Spink 1341

Similar bust, but shoulder not decorated

Spink 1342

Hair in long ringlet to right of bust

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