Anglo Saxon Coinage


The following section has been divided into three sections of history, the galleries are a guide only, and not all rulers or coinage are listed at this time, and rulers from certain periods, for example OFFA of Mercia had many coins, it is expected that this section will take some time to complete.


Some useful searches for you in relation to Saxon pennies, click the links, searches will open in a new window

1/. The Portable Antiquities Scheme Database

You can choose various options to search the database, if you know the ruler you will narrow your options down considerably

2/. UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD)

3/. Time Lines Coins

4/. The Fitzwilliam Museum Database

The instructions For the Fitzwilliam are as follows, add the following fields as can be seen

The search fields give you many options to refine your search

Click the “see images” at the bottom of the form

Change the drop down for “Include Coins From” to Both the EMC and SCBI

and then “Submit”

Note if too many hits are returned, you will not see the images, but as you get better you will limit the returned hits by adding content to the “Search any field in the database options”

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