The Edwards, from the New Coinage of 1279 to the end of Edward III's reign in 1377.

Due to the large variety of coins issued during the reigns of Edward I-III, this page is divided into four separate sections for the different denominations of coinage used over this period: Gold coinage, Groats/Half Groats, Pennies and Halfpennies/Farthings. Within each of these sections you will find a list detailing the key features to look out for when trying to ID your coin, with further subsections for each monarch showing the different types and classes struck and explaining the features shown on the different coins.

If your coin does not seem to fit with any of the coins in this section then it may be a later issue of Edward IV, Edward V or even Richard III. It may also be a continental imitation if the legend does not match and there are unusual features on your coin. Such imitations are discussed in a different section.

Useful books to aid you in the ID of your coin include:

Coins of England and the United Kingdom, Standard Catalogue of British Coins published by Spink and Son Ltd.;

The Galata Guide to The Pennies of Edward I and II by Paul and Bente R Withers;

Farthings and Halfpennies, Edward I and II by Paul and Bente R Withers.





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